About us

Student jumping in from of rainbow background Student jumping in from of rainbow background

At Gateshead College we offer the highest standards of education and real world skills.

It’s a combination that we call employment edge and it’s totally unique to Gateshead College.

Employment edge means:

  • Hands on experience that will make your CV stand out from the pile
  • Being able to walk into a business, look people in the eye and know you deserve to be there
  • The confidence to shine in an interview and the strength to tackle the world of work
  • Giving parents the confidence that their child will be challenged as well as nurtured
  • Helping organisations build a team that will be the heartbeat of the business, with personal and professional skills

We know all this can seem daunting but we’ll be with you from day one, every step of the way.

That’s what we believe Gateshead College is all about. Giving you the confidence and self-belief you need to find your purpose, and the skills, support and direction you need to make the most of your talents. It’s these things that will make a big difference to your life.

Qualifications matter. We’ll help you get the ones you need, but we’ll also give you so much more. If we both put in everything we’ve got, you’ll be more than ready for the world of work.

Mission and Values

To develop skilled, confident learners who succeed in work and life.

To be at the heart of a thriving community, helping people to achieve their full potential and gain the employment edge.

Respect others

We are kind and considerate to everyone.

Take responsibility

We act honestly and do what we say we’ll do.

Have courage

We give things a go and stand up for what is right.

Be creative

We are open minded and explore new ways of doing things.

Work together

We value our differences and learn from each other.

Our Strategic Plan

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