Lean Manufacturing Operative Apprentice

Lean Manufacturing Operative Apprentice

Job description

Solar Capture Technologies Limited

  • Manufacturing products in line with design drawings and accordance with ISO 9001
  • Ensuring all products are made to meet the existing quality standards at all points of the process and work to minimise rejection rates
  • Preparing materials required to meet the demands of the manufacturing schedule
  • Product testing
  • Preparing sub-assemblies required to meet the demands of the manufacturing schedule
  • Acting in a safe manner, complying with all working procedures, and promptly reporting any hazards or unsafe practices detected
  • Ensuring the manufacturing work area is kept in a safe and tidy state, escalating any concerns to your supervisor
  • Taking prompt and effective action on discovering quality non-conformances in goods received and products in production and communicating with your supervisor where non-conformances are detected

About the employer

Solar Capture Technologies Limited

Solar Capture Technologies, PV Technology Centre is situated in Blyth Northumberland. From 2004 to 2013 it was part of the National Renewable Energy Centre, established by Scientists and Engineers from BP Solar Research and Development team. Historically the organisation was involved in international and national Research and Development projects and the manufacture of the BP Solar Saturn Cell and Solar Modules.

In 2013 the business became Solar Capture Technologies where the strategic objectives became commercially focused. The business is now in an exciting phase of its evolution, it has developed a novel composite solar module which has greater benefits than traditional solar module materials and manufacturing techniques.

The organisation is investing significantly in automated manufacturing processes and management systems for volume manufacturing and requires forward thinking, innovative employees to take the organisation to the next phase of its growth plan.

The North East has a positive productive history of developing highly skilled personnel to meet the future challenges and needs of innovative organisations. Solar Capture believes it is essential to collaborate with local organisations and educational facilities to recruit and develop the future employees of the business. This will generate a wider economic benefit for the local area by employing local people.


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