Level 3 Business Administrator Apprentice

Level 3 Business Administrator Apprentice

Job description

Ford Aerospace Ltd


  • Assist with procurement of goods and services and the raising of purchase orders
  • Assist with sales administration
  • Assist with estimating
  • Carrying out general administration duties
  • Learning to write reports
  • Learning to work closely with the departments


  • Helping out with stock control
  • Assisting with the collection and delivery of paperwork
  • Able to follow Health & Safety standards
  • Good housekeeping

About the employer

Ford Aerospace Ltd

The Ford Engineering Group are award-winning, family owned company specialising in the high precision machining and pressing of parts and sub assemblies for the aerospace, industrial, and other high-technology sectors.

Ford is, and always has been, here for people. ​For the people of South Tyneside, the North East, the UK and everyone in our global community;  we build the best quality parts that keep the worlds moving vehicles and machinery safe.​

Our parts help to save lives. We keep the worlds most popular coast guard helicopter reliable in times of peril, vehicles using our components are used in evacuating people from conflict areas when reliability is key and we manufacture and supply essential parts for construction vehicles used for building homes and hospitals.​

Every part we make goes on a moving mechanical assembly and whether our clients are manufacturing aircraft or automobiles, rolling stock or wind turbines, with Ford you can be confident that you are getting exactly what you need to ensure your equipment is reliable, resilient and safe.