Level 3 HGV Service and Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship (Heavy Vehicle)

Level 3 HGV Service and Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship (Heavy Vehicle)

Job description

Tyne & Wear Service Hq

Main duties and responsibilities:

 General duties:

  • To promote the Service vision, ‘Creating the safest community.’
  • To ensure that all policies and procedures within the function are adhered to and in accordance with regulations, lean thinking and value for money principles
  • To undertake work which will assist in a structured training programme for the apprenticeship, to gain relevant experience and qualifications
  • To assist the Transport Technicians in the discharge of their duties
  • To undertake work in relation to engine fitting
  • To undertake training in all work in relation to mechanical repairs
  • To undertake training and work in relation to welding, bench fitting and painting etc.
  • To undertake general servicing tasks
  • To undertake minor electrical repairs and modifications
  • To undertake minor body work repairs including panel beating, spray/ touch painting and fabrication using a variety of materials
  • To maintain good workshop housekeeping, ensuring that areas of work are cleared and cleaned prior, during and after work takes place
  • To undertake duties according to relevant risk assessments, safe systems of work and using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • To undertake work using a variety of tools and equipment, ensuring all equipment is used appropriately and in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines
  • To meet the transport requirements of the role using Service vehicles to collect/relocate materials/equipment and vehicles across the Service area.
  • To attend internal and external training courses as necessary
  • To ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and ensure data security is maintained
  • To undertake any other duties appropriate to the post

Health and safety (general policy):

  • By reference to current health and safety legislation and the Service's Health and Safety Policy to ensure that all employees
  • Take reasonable care for their own health and safety
  • Consider the safety of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions and to cooperate with their employer to perform and comply with any duties or requirements imposed upon them
  • Work with machinery, equipment and substances in accordance with information and training provided
  • Refrain from intentionally misusing or recklessly interfering with anything that has been provided for the purpose of health, safety and welfare
  • Report any hazardous defects in plant and equipment, or shortcomings in the existing safety arrangements, to a responsible person without delay

Equality and diversity (general policy):

  • To ensure an understanding and commitment to diversity and equality in accordance with Service policies and procedures and demonstrate positive promotion of diversity and equality principles through working to the Service’s core values
  • To champion the principles of diversity and equality and provide appropriate advice, guidance and support
  • To challenge inappropriate behaviour and non-compliance with diversity and equality policies, procedures and principles


  • To promote the application of the Authority’s Safeguarding Policies

Environment strategy:

  • To demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the Service’s Environment Strategy, in relation to environment and carbon reduction policies

About the employer

Tyne & Wear Service Hq

We are committed to the safety of our communities throughout Tyne and Wear.

Our aim is to keep you protected – whether we’re responding to an emergency or working to promote safety in our waters, on our roads and in our homes and businesses. Our most recent inspection results confirm that we do this effectively and efficiently, whilst maintaining a positive and inclusive culture for our people.