All students (excluding Project Choice)

Timetables are continuing as normal and teachers are delivering online sessions according to them - you must log on to these. Our teachers are well-prepared and practiced in hosting virtual lessons.

Prior to your first online session your teacher will contact you with instructions on how to join. It’s important that you participate in each of the virtual sessions, registers will be taken and we’ll be monitoring your attendance.

Work is also being set for you by your teachers to work on remotely. Your teacher may also ask you to log on to Moodle2 and Google Classroom to access resources. A guide to logging on to these systems is available here. You can also watch the useful video guide here.

In addition to your virtual sessions, we plan to carry out one-to-one check-ins with you on a fortnightly basis during the period of lockdown.

If you are ill and unable to study remotely, please report your absence by calling 0191 490 2340, emailing or texting 07950 080960.

We know many of you were working towards exams or assessments and you should continue your revision as normal.

Latest exams information 

On 6 January 2021, the Government confirmed that GCSE, AS and A levels will not be going ahead in summer 2021 and grades will be awarded based on an assessment by your teachers. Exams will also not go ahead this summer for most vocational qualifications.

Following a two-week consultation, the Government has outlined how the process for qualifications with an exam element will work and we are expecting more detailed information from the awarding bodies in March.

The Government is asking our teachers to use a range of evidence to make a judgement of the grade that you should receive. As a result, and in line with Government guidelines, you’ll continue with your studies for the rest of this academic year to ensure you have covered enough of the curriculum to be able to progress onto your next steps.

You will be assessed on what you have been taught and your teachers will be using evidence from the full duration of your course to determine your grades, which means they’ll be looking at your previous work as well as newly set tasks and assessments.

It is therefore very important that you continue to work hard, make good progress and submit homework and assessments so that teachers can accurately make a judgement on your final grade.

Here’s a list of what you teachers will be using for your grade assessment:

  • Your work produced in response to assessment materials provided by the exam board. This may include questions, past papers or similar materials such as practice or sample papers

  • Coursework

  • Your work produced in response to work set by your teachers that are in-line with the specification for the qualification - this can include class or homework (including those that took place during remote learning), internal tests and mock exams

  • Where applicable, records of your capability and performance over the course of study in performance-based subjects such as music, drama and sport

  • Records of your progress and performance over the course of study

We expect exam boards to set out guidelines requiring us to have checking processes in place before your grades are submitted. Following submission of grades, exam boards will sample centres and evidence over June and July to carry out further checks.

Prior to submitting your grade to awarding bodies we will let you know the evidence we are using to assess your performance. You will be able to confirm that the evidence is your own work and make teachers aware of any mitigating circumstances you believe should be taken into account.

Students will receive their results for A/AS levels on the 10 August and GCSEs on the 12 August. Vocational qualifications that are linked to progression to further or higher education, including some BTECs and UAL qualifications, will also be issued to students on or before these dates. We'll know more about the exam boards approach to vocational results shortly and will update this section of the website as soon as we have further info.

You will have the right to appeal your grade if you wish to. For most qualifications the appeal would initially be us and involve the checking of our processes, if unsuccessful this could then proceed to a formal appeal to the exam board.

Higher Education programmes will follow the arrangements set out by the relevant awarding organisation. Please get in touch with your teacher if you want to discuss the assessment process for your Higher Education programme.

Some vocational qualifications which are used to enter directly into employment may still have exams or assessments where they can be delivered in line with public health measures. These are usually practical courses where it is critical to demonstrate occupational or professional competence.

Similarly exams and assessment should also continue for some smaller qualifications including functional skills qualifications and English as a second language (ESOL). Assessments may be on-site (in line with public health measures) or done remotely

Further detail about the government’s approach to exam arrangements can be found by clicking here.

Key workers and vulnerable students

If you are unable to work at home as your parents/guardians are key workers or for another reasons, please email or use our online chat facility on our website.

The plan is to use our Baltic Campus library facility including computer resources for students who have to work away from their home – you must contact us in advance to let us know you need to come in using the email above.

We will be taking steps to ensure your health and wellbeing if you do have to come into college and would ask you to follow the 7-point plan see here [link to new Staying safe on campus page] that we have put in place

If anything changes we’ll let you know by email and we’ll also post updates on our website and social media channels.


Project Choice students

Parents and carers of Project Choice students will have been contacted directly by the college.


Apprentices are expected to continue their studies using the same process set out in our ‘All students’ section above. Taught sessions will be delivered remotely according to your normal timetable and reviews will take place according to their usual schedule (working remotely where required). We will be working with your employers to deliver workplace assessments and progress reviews. Please continue to keep a log of your ‘off the job’ hours.

If at any point during the lockdown you are furloughed by your employer, please contact your trainer assessor immediately.

If changes or further detail about apprenticeship delivery becomes available from the Government then we’ll let you know by email and we’ll also post updates on our website and social media channels.

We’re here for you

If you are feeling anxious or worried please make sure you talk to someone - a family member, friend or your teacher. Alternatively if you’re a student and would like to chat with anyone from our student support service, please email and one of the team will get in touch with you.

You might also find helpful advice, tips and information on our health and wellbeing page.

Learner Support Fund 

If you receive payments from our Learner Support Fund you will continue to have this paid into your bank account as normal. We will be checking whether you are continuing to engage with your studies on a regular basis and your payments will be reviewed if required. If you've got any queries about the Learner Support Fund, please email

Safeguarding support for learners

We will continue to provide safeguarding support for all of our students. Our Safeguarding Team can be contacted during normal college hours – Monday to Friday to by calling: 0191 490 0300 or by email:

Students who require help outside of the College operating hours can seek support by dialling 101, or in an emergency 999.


Our Baltic Campus library will be open for any students who can’t access computer resources from home. If you need to come into college, simply send an email to

The library team will need to know your student number, course, curriculum leader, the days and times you want to come in and whether it's a regular booking for the duration of lockdown or a one-off requirement. The library staff will then get in touch with you to confirm the arrangements.

Any student coming into college during the lockdown period will be required to take a Covid-19 Rapid Test, which will be done in college.

If you’re struggling to get onto one of the college systems from home, please email or call IT support on 0191 4902265

Please report your absence through the normal procedure by calling 0191 490 2340, emailing or texting 07950 080960.

If you are studying at home then you only need to let us know if the symptoms are making you feel ill and you’re unable to study remotely. If that’s the case please report your absence through the normal procedure by calling 0191 490 2340, emailing or texting 07950 080960.

Any students who are continuing to come into college during the lockdown and test positive for Covid-19 must self isolate immediately and inform their teacher. Please advise them of when you tested positive, when you first displayed symptoms and the last time you were in college.

We’ve put together a list of useful contacts below for you to get in touch with the relevant person. If you have issues with getting hold of them, please email or get in touch via our Live Chat facility on this site (the blue icon on the bottom right of your screen).

Useful contacts

Students will be contacted directly by their teachers during the lockdown and if there’s any questions please reply directly to them.

We’ve also put together this list of useful contacts for both students and parents / guardians to get in touch with us if you’ve got any other issues or concerns. If you need to contact someone out of normal college hours, please send them an email, as telephone calls may not be answered.

Type of Enquiry 

Contact Name/Team 

Contact Details 

IT Support  

IT Support Team 

0191 4904616 or 

Remote learning for A Levels 

Helen Hepple  

Remote learning for Art, Design and Media 

Tom Bradley 

Remote learning for Automotive 

Claire Bellerby 

Remote learning for Business 

Phil O’Neil 

Remote learning for Catering 

Catering Team / Deni Chambers  

Remote learning for Construction 

Graham Cunningham  

Remote learning for Digital  

Phil O’Neil  

Remote learning for Engineering 

Claire Bellerby 

Remote learning for ESOL 

ESOL Team / Anna Toon 

Remote learning for Hair and Beauty 

Tom Bradley 

Remote learning for Health, Care and Early Years 

Deborah Wood  

Remote learning for Jewish Girls Academy 

Claire Bellerby  

Remote learning for LDD and Project Choice 

LDD Team / Karen Sowerby 

Remote learning for Maths and English 

Anna Toon  

Remote learning for Music and Performing Arts 

Tom Bradley  

Remote learning for Sport 

John Deary 

Remote learning for Travel and Tourism 

Phil O’Neil 

Remote learning for Uniformed Public Services 

John Deary 

Exam Enquiries 

Exams Team 

or 07595 088282 

Attendance Monitoring 

Attendance Monitoring Team 

0191 490 2340 text 07950 080960.  

Library Services 

Library Manager