Dance (Contemporary) Level 3

Start Date

Mon Sep 05 2022

Day / Time



1 year


Baltic Campus

Dance (Contemporary) Level 3

Our Contemporary Dance course puts you control of how you choose to learn. Through specialised compulsory classes in Contemporary Dance Technique, Classical Ballet, Technical Jazz and Choreography; and additional options in Commercial or Stretch and Stamina classes to compliment your study programme.

The exciting way in which our pathway is structured, also provides the opportunity to mix with dancers in other specialised genres in creative sessions. All of which will tap in to your potential to give you the confidence to seek employment in this exciting growing industry.

Our highly trained and experienced team, work with you to up-skill all aspects of your training which include you taking weekly classes across a range of disciplines. Supporting practical elements, you will learn dance business and study progression routes in to higher education and dance employment. All of which enable you to hone in further on your creativity skill set and develop wider employability skills, skills which are vital when working in the performing arts industry.

We'll challenge your physical limitations and your core strength and flexibility will be developed. Throughout the year, you will take part in workshops with specialist dancers and choreographers, as well as participate in a number of dance showcases to build a portfolio of work; whilst making friends for life.

Our vocational programme mirrors current working practices of the dance industry and focusses on building your skill and knowledge across dance genres specifically, through technique, choreography and performance. The course provides workshop opportunities with prominent industry dancers and choreographers, both in college and at external venues; with opportunities to visit key dance events throughout the academic year such as ‘Can You Dance?’.

Baltic Campus