First Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care Level 2

Start Date

Mon Sep 05 2022

Day / Time


1 year


Baltic Campus

First Extended Certificate in Health and Social Care Level 2

This dynamic course is an ideal starting point for many careers in health and social care. It will give you a good foundation understanding of creative and therapeutic activities, safeguarding, duty of care, health and safety, promoting health and effective communication. 

You'll learn from our team of experts in the classroom and have the opportunity to put your theory into practice on work placements, fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

On the course, you'll study:

  • Unit 1 Human Lifespan Development – we will learn about the developmental process from birth to death.  We will look at how the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development interlink and change through the life process.
  • Unit 2 Care Values – this is an exciting unit with practical elements and will encourage you to consider the importance of providing individualised care and empowering service users.
  • Unit 3 Effective Communication – communication is the most important element of health and social care and we explore our own communication strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unit 4 Social Influences– here we will introduce you to sociology and the impact which society has on care and support.
  • Unit 5 Promoting Health – this exciting unit develops your understanding of how we promote health and public health. We will learn about the history of public health and how the NHS was founded as well as investigating health campaigns.
  • Unit 9 Healthy Living – you will gain an insight into healthy and non-healthy life style choices. You will explore concepts around nutrition, sexual health and the impact of substance abuse.
  • Unit 10 Human Body Systems and Care of Disorders – you will have the opportunity to demonstrate how much you understand about the human body and how to support individuals who are ill through a series of interactive wall displays.
  • Unit 11 Services in Health and Social Care – you will explore how multi-disciplinary teams and agencies are involved in providing care and explore the potential career opportunities involved in care.
  • Unit 12 Creative and Therapeutic Activities – this is an exciting unit where you can put your creative skills into practice in designing an activity to improve the health and mindset of individuals in your placement setting.
  • Unit 13 The Health and Social Care Sector – this is our amazing work placement unit where you will reflect on your practical experiences and plan your development for the future.

Baltic Campus