Level 3 Professional Cookery

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Tue Sep 07 2021

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Level 3 Professional Cookery

Join our professional team of chefs and front of house service staff in our student-run restaurant Enfields Kitchen to build the skills and knowledge you need for a career in the fast-paced hospitality industry. Together with our employer partners, which include some of the best restaurants and tourism businesses in the North East, we've developed a course tha covers a wide range of food preparation and cooking skills. After the course you'll be able to step into a job or progress to an apprenticeship. ting practical skills and knowledge based theory relating to current and relevant requirements of the catering industry.

You'll cover the following modules:

  • Maintain food safety when storing, preparing and cooking food
  • Maintain health, hygiene, safety and security
  • Develop productive working relationship
  • Prepare fish for complex dishes
  • Prepare meat for complex dishes
  • Prepare poultry for complex dishes
  • Cook and finish complex fish, meat, poultry and vegetable dishes
  • Prepare, cook and finish complex hot sauces, soups, pastry and cold sauces and dressing

What about after the course?
  • Restaurant and Catering Establishment Managers and Proprietors
  • Bakers and Flour Confectioners
  • Chefs
  • Cooks
  • Catering and Bar Managers
you could
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