Exam Information

It’s a really important term for many of you as you get ready to sit your exams and we’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions which you might find useful:

Yes you can. Whilst face coverings are no longer required to be worn when you are in college, we understand that many of you feel more comfortable wearing one, and you will be able to do so during your exams

We advise that you stay at home and avoid contact with others, until you no longer have a high temperature and are well enough to attend your exams.

No, you should stay at home and avoid contact with others until you no longer have a high temperature. You will be eligible to receive special consideration by the Awarding Bodies.

You should not come in for your exam and you should stay at home and avoid contact with others for 3 days (if 18 and under) or 5 days (if 19 or older) after the day you took the test.

Please ensure you report your absence as early as possible on the day of your exam by:

Calling: 0191 490 2340 / 2323

Texting: 07950080960

Emailing: attendance@gateshead.ac.uk

We will then send you a form which you and your parents /guardians will need to complete and send back to us. We’ll then use this to submit an application for special consideration to the relevant awarding bodies. As your exams have been spaced by at least ten days you will be able to receive grades based on the other components completed.

Yes, it’s really important that you definitely come in and sit your other exams as these will be used to determine your grades. That’s why the exams have been spaced apart by a minimum of ten days between the first and last exam in any subject, to reduce the chance of you missing all exams in a subject because of illness.

Top Tips

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