Applications for 22/23 academic year funding applications are now open. 

You can access an application form here.

Read our guide: Financial information and advice for 16-18 year olds here.

View terms and conditions for all support funds here.

Guidance notes

Sections 1 & 2

Complete all required questions.

Section 3 

Residency Evidence requirements (E) 

a. We do not require evidence however we reserve the right to request evidence if necessary 

b. & c. A photocopy of your passport or that of a parent clearly identifying status/nationality. If the names differ, we will require alternative evidence such as evidence of Child Benefit, other benefits that are being claimed on your behalf or a copy of a birth certificate. Any evidence must clearly show your name 

d. A photocopy of your passport clearly identifying status/ nationality or a letter from the Home Office clearly identifying your status in the UK. Any evidence must clearly show your name 

e. You may be an unaccompanied asylum seeker, or with parent(s) carer(s) or with the social services. Please provide a letter from the Home Office or social services clearly identifying your status 

f. If your status is not mentioned, it does not necessarily mean that you do not qualify. Declare what your status is in the UK and any evidence you have to support this. We may need to contact you 

Section 4 

Personal Status 

The section is for you, the student to complete, not other members of your family. If you personally do not fall into any of the categories, the answer will be NO. If you tick YES to any of these questions you will be assessed for the Higher Rate Bursary.

Evidence you need to submit can be:  

  • Full award notice that states you receive Income Support/Universal Credit in your own right (plus either a tenancy agreement, child benefit letter, children’s birth certificate or utility bill) 
  • Letter from the local authority or social services clearly stating you are in care, or if you have recently been in care (if you have left care, please let us know how long you were in care) 
  • Copies of both your ESA/UC AND DLA/PIP notification. 

Household members 

If you are 18 or under and living at home with your parent(s)/carer(s) you need to count yourself, any brothers or sisters under the age of 19 and your parent(s)/ carer(s). 

If you are living independently only count yourself, your partner if you have one and any children you are financially responsible for. 

Section 5 


If you are 16-18 and living with your parent(s)/carer(s) and they are claiming Child Benefit for you, we require proof of their income. 

If you are a lone parent, we require your income only. You may have already provided this for section 4. 

Photocopies of any of the following welfare benefits that either you claim, your partner claims (and you are part of that claim) or your parent(s)/carer(s) claim if you are dependent on them. Only send in a copy of one benefit. Jobseekers’ Allowance (income based), Employment and Support Allowance (income related), guaranteed pension credit, Income Support, Universal Credit (full award summary) or any other benefit/pension that forms the main household income. 


Photocopies of your parent(s)/carer(s) recent payslips. If also claiming Working Tax Credit the most recent tax credit notification or if claiming Universal Credit recent full award summary. Any other evidence of earnings that form the main household income. Photocopies of recent payslips for you and your partner if you have one. 

Do not include: 

Disability Living Allowance/PIP (unless evidence is required for a higher rate bursary), attendance allowance or discretionary payments from Local Authority. 

Section 6 and 8 

Personal statement & bank details 

Use this section to explain why you need support. 

You can detail any special circumstances in this section. You or your family may be on low income. There may have been a recent redundancy or drop in income. Even if your income is quite high, your household may have high expenditure. You or your family may have caring responsibilities or disabilities you want us to take into account when assessing your application. 

You can continue on a separate sheet if necessary. We require a bank letter/ statement showing your sort code and account number as all payments will be made directly into your account. We cannot make payments to post office or saving accounts. 

Section 9 

Disabilities or caring responsibilities 

You may detail in this section any circumstances, special requirements or personal issues that you think we should consider when assessing your award. We may consult with our Learning Support Team to ensure that your specific needs are catered for where appropriate. 

Section 10 


Read the terms and conditions, sign the form and submit. 


For further information or advice you can contact the Support Funds Team on (0191) 490 4627, call into the Support Funds Office, or email