AS/A Level Chemistry

Start Date

Mon Sep 11 2023

Day / Time



1 year



AS/A Level Chemistry

As well as developing excellent laboratory techniques, you'll gain specific knowledge in the traditional fields of organic and inorganic chemistry. As chemistry overlaps with other subjects, you'll pick up skills that are useful in biology and medicine, physics and engineering. Chemistry is also studied in an environmental and social context, so you'll gain awareness of its ethical implications and issues relating to environmental impact and sustainability.

Chemistry is the study of all chemical substances and how to change one chemical into another. The food you eat, the air you breathe, your own body, your mobile phone, the plants and streets around you are made of chemicals. As we want inexpensive products, chemistry helps to decrease economic costs and as we want a safe environment, chemistry helps to decrease pollution by detecting the toxins and by destroying them.

If you like logical problems and thinking hard, then chemistry is for you. You’ll develop strong mathematical and numerical skills. You'll also develop skills in analysis and problem-solving, time management and organisation, recording and monitoring data and teamwork.

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