The Children’s College

The Children’s College

Our purpose is to give students employment edge. To give them a first class education that puts them ahead in the jobs market, no matter what their starting point. We plug them into the world of work from day one, making our college the place for those who are ambitious and serious about their careers, where they will walk away with more than just a qualification.

Whilst our core purpose is education and training for those over 16 years old, we are proud to be a community college and we want to play our part in helping to raise the ambitions and aspirations of the younger people in our borough.

That is why we have created The Children’s College.

What is The Children’s College?

A series of activities and workshops in Gateshead primary schools or on our campuses, run by our teaching teams and students.

Activities include coding clubs, cookery workshops, college tours, STEM sessions, maths clubs and sport coaching.

Why are we doing this?

We’re passionate about helping the young people of Gateshead to dream big, to imagine more, to be inspired, to question their futures and to be ambitious about the careers and lives they could create for themselves and their families.

It’s also an ideal opportunity to create work experience for our students by helping to organise and run the sessions, sharing what they learn at college and helping to sharpen their skill set.

Let’s Talk.

If your primary school would like to be involved in The Children’s College, please get in touch with our Schools Liaison team.

0191 490 2364

[email protected]